post photo shoot

After your shoot, I hustle home to upload your images and begin the editing process. For every hour we spend shooting, I spend two-to-three hours editing. Currently, I will have a disc ready for you within two weeks, but I reserve the right to extend this timeline depending upon my schedule. I am usually busiest during mid-spring and mid-fall.


Unless you ask me to do otherwise, I only ‘gently edit’ images… What does this mean? I remove blemishes and stray hair and the random car that might drive through our background {and even the random thread on your shirt}, but I leave things that are permanent… Freckles, beauty marks, birth marks. These are the things that make you look likeĀ you. I encourage you to leave your glasses on if you usually wear glasses, and by all means, dress comfortably… whatever that might be for you.

And don’t worry… I try really hard to take pictures of you with your personality showing, so that when others see your portraits, they will see the real and the beautiful you.


images_0011_Hue_Saturation 16

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