senior gal

Those eyes.


Meet Sarah.


Sarah graduated a semester early and headed off to college a little ahead of her class. The last we spoke, she was considering pre-med.


{See, I told you. I’m surrounded by smart pretty people. :)}


We first met at a local park in mid fall, but the light faded fast, and we didn’t get as many shots as we had hoped….


{Sarah and her grandmother, Mrs. Dot. I’m so glad she met us there, and lovelovelove this picture of them!}


So we met again a few weeks later, and were able to capture some pictures with the beautiful fall colors.


This happened again this past fall… I met a senior for fall shots, but the sun dipped quickly behind our mountains, so we decided to meet again in the spring.

This has worked so well that I’m considering offering a “Split Senior Package”, where we would meet twice, for two shorter sessions.


Sarah was fun, spirited and willing to try anything I suggested, which always makes shooting pictures even more fun for me.


And, of course, there’s always the moments in-between that tell a little more about my senior’s personality…


like the way she pulls her hair up off her face…


or how she rolls her eyes…


or crinkles her nose when she laughs.

But by far, this one was my favorite… her confidence, her assuredness, her friendliness… all evident on her beautiful face.


It’s been two years {so hard to believe!}, and I have seen Sarah a few times… She’s still in college, working hard, following her dreams and enjoying life.

Which is  so perfect.

Thank you, Sarah, for trusting me with your Senior Portraits.


images_0011_Hue_Saturation 16


male senior

Zach is my friend’s son,
and my son’s friend.

It’s what happens when you live in a small town.:)


Most of the young men I photograph come to their session as a gift to their moms, and not because they want the pictures themselves. I have to say, as the mother of two college-aged guys, I think this is a beautiful gesture.


The session usually starts out with a “Let’s get this done. And quickly!” attitude, but once they realize it doesn’t hurt, and it’s almost kinda-sorta fun, they relax and I can get some great shots.


I loved this session with Zach. Not only because I’ve known him since he was about 5 years old so we were comfortable together, and not just because I have SO so many fond memories that include him and his family {shall we talk soccer… or school… or field trips… or sleep overs… or wrestling matches… or xbox mega marathons… or… ?}… I loved this session because I felt like he was comfortable in his own skin, and these images really reflect that. These are the expressions I’ve seen hundreds of times before… and he was able to relax enough for me to capture them. You know, for his mom. 😉


{And yes, he graduated in 2013!}


It’s two years later and Zach is finishing his associate’s degree in computer technology/IT. He’s one of the smartest I’ve known, and not just academically. And he’s a great big brother, which is a beautiful reflection on how he was raised.


Zach, I wish you continued success as you pursue your dreams. It’s been a joy watching you grow up!


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east tennessee sports photographer

my daughter left the world of dance last year,
on an invitation to play volleyball

east tennessee sports photographer

i was truly excited for her,
to play a team sport and to play for her school,
where she could make new friends,
and strengthen bonds with those she already had

east tennessee sports photographer

only problem was,
she hadn’t played volleyball since she was in early elementary school

east tennessee sports photographer

so she joined a travel team during her school’s off-season

east tennessee sports photographer

phoenix rising

east tennessee sports photographer

where she learned the game again

east tennessee sports photographer

‘got more touches’

east tennessee sports photographer

and made a bunch of new friends with lovely girls from our surrounding counties

east tennessee sports photographer

{they were delightful}

east tennessee sports photographer

{my lexi girl}

east tennessee sports photographer

east tennessee sports photographereast tennessee sports photographer

i loved dance, and there’s a lot about it i miss… the discipline, the costumes and backstage excitement, the girls and dance-moms {and dads} from  our competitive team…

east tennessee sports photographer

but now we’ve extended our sports’ family, with new friendships

east tennessee sports photographer

and practice with a new discipline

east tennessee sports photographer

new skills

east tennessee sports photographer

for a new type of competition

east tennessee sports photographer

{and still, i sometimes catch her dancing}

*images_0011_Hue_Saturation 16


east tennessee senior portrait photographer

megan was such a delight to photograph…

east tennessee senior portrait photographer

and she is a pretty remarkable athlete…

east tennessee senior portrait photographer

megan was a gymnast/cheerleader who went all rogue soccer during her high school years. {imagine taking action pictures of an athlete like this? you can see some more of her images in my sports gallery.}

her action images can only be topped by her wholesome beauty.

east tennessee senior portrait photographer

yes. quite the athlete with gorgeous legs to prove it.

east tennessee senior portrait photographer

east tennessee senior portrait photographer

and right now, she’s dreaming of pursuing physical therapy, a profession near and dear to my own heart…

who knows. if i wasn’t a photographer, i just might be a physical therapist.
oh, wait. i am. 😮

i hope she finds as much joy in physical therapy as she has in soccer…

east tennessee senior portrait photographer

… and that she always smiles like she did on this day, brightly and beautifully.


join me on fridays at my other home, Finding Serendipity for a photo link party


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sweetshot tuesday

east tennessee baby photographer


east tennessee baby photographer 2

perhaps you recognize this young fella?

east tennessee baby photographer 4

he’s the star of my baby gallery

east tennessee baby photographer 3

east tennessee baby photographer 5

and i think i just fell in love again

east tennessee baby photographer 6east tennessee baby photographer 7

but alas, his eyes say it all…

east tennessee baby photographer 8

he lOvEs his mama

east tennessee baby photographer 9

east tennessee baby photographer 10sometimes,
when my friends forget that we are at the park to take portraits,
and they begin to engage intimately with each other
forgetting that i am there
and my lens scoops up that thing that is completely real
i feel like i’m peeking in on something private,
something sacred

i am completely humbled

and honored

thank you for reminding me of that powerful, young love, mama

east tennessee baby photographer 11

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