It’s funny how things change us.

DSC_2567A person, an experience… a photograph. They bump into us and leave us a little different than we were before.  Even things that seem irrelevant or unimportant, and things we  might might not recognize or even be aware of, can impart upon us some little thing

I think it’s all a path to who we are meant to be.DSC_2566Fragments of memories still stir in me, and I don’t even know if they are real memories, or memories of stories or dreams. And still, I know, it was that thing that caused me to see something differently, to do something differently, or even to do {or act} at all.

DSC_2565I know that I even take pictures differently because of things I have seen or people I have met. Or even because of certain photo sessions… The way a young woman expressed herself or the confidence she demonstrated, or the way a couple or a family interacted with each other, or the perspective from which I captured a revealing shot.

Each experience-even things we read-, if we let it, will lead us to who we were meant to be.


I’m thinking of starting a new series here… Something to stir you and make you think about things differently. Something that bumps into you and mindfully or not, leaves you changed.

This is one of my favorite photographers. I love everything about her and wish like crazy I knew her in real life. She has an award-winning blog {just follow the link} and a worldly view on life and beauty. I hope you grab a cup of coffee {or ice water} and treat yourself to her Tedtalk.

It will change you.

If video doesn’t load, you can see it here::  Resonate


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images_0011_Hue_Saturation 16




I first met Bailey on my son’s Spanish class trip to Spain in the spring of 2013. {What an amazing trip that was!} We had an amazing tour company and local tour guide show us around Barcelona and Madrid, showing us the history, architecture and culture for which these beautiful cities are known.


While I was lost in that experience, it soon became clear that the students on our trip had several things in common…

Curiosity, for sure, and a sense of adventure.

Other traits, more personal and unique to each student, became clear only as the trip progressed. Some seemed bent on the experience with their classmates, while others seemed to want to observe and explore.  This latter impression was how I saw Bailey.

DSC_8720dramaskinminksunshower copyweb

You might guess from the picture above that Bailey has a great sense of playfulness and joy, but what I noticed on our trip was a quieter, more observant and mature Bailey.  She seemed easy to get along with and ready to be flexible and easy-going with what other students wanted.

I was delighted when she arrived for her photoshoot with balloons and a clear idea of what she wanted for some of her backdrops… like iron steps, and an urban feel.


She smiled incessantly, like she didn’t know how to not smile.


Which made taking her pictures so easy.


We moved on to a local park for some more casual and fun shots…


… And some classic cap and gown shots.

{Notice the edit difference: while I love the soft focus with a slight haze in most of Bailey’s pictures, the classic, clean look appealed more to me for her cap and gown pictures. As I currently provide for all of my clients, Bailey received a copy of each photo in three edits: clean, artful and black and white, so she could pick which she liked best.}


Congratulations, Bailey, on your achievements and your graduation!

I hope you are always so joyful.

All the best!


images_0011_Hue_Saturation 16



oh, how i adore these two.


rudy is one of my son’s best friends, and now, by extension, so is megan. i took these pictures the evening before rudy left for bootcamp with the united states army.


words are hard to find when the heart is so full. proud, undoubtedly, is one word i would pick. megan is proud of rudy as a husband and partner. my husband and i are proud of him for wanting better, for developing a plan and sticking to it, for his courage and for his desire to be a good husband and father.


brave is another word i’d pick. yes, rudy is brave… but ya know what? so is megan. she had an awesome support system around her, but she finished her pregnancy and gave birth to Nix {Pheonix} while rudy was at bootcamp. i can’t imagine. {i’m proud of megan, too.}


she’s a beautiful mama.

baby nixi visited megan in the hospital when nix was less than a day old… she is one of the most beautiful babies i’ve ever seen, and i swear… she looks just like rudy.

congratulations, sweet family.



I met Maggie at the golf course early one morning when the sun was still somewhat low in the sky. It was a warm summer morning here in East Tennessee, and the grass was still wet with dew.


Maggie had already graduated and was getting ready to leave for college just north of here. We both had had a busy spring and scheduling a session was challenging. This was the last possible moment we had to take pictures before she left… And I am so glad we were able to squeeze this photo shoot in before she began the next stage of her life.


{One of my favorites from that morning!}


I love to capture personality, and one way to do that is photographing a client with something she loves… something she feels defines her.


Maggie loves golf and loves God, and I love how we caught her with both in the picture above. This, also one of my favorites.


The sun soon moved high in the sky; the shadows and glare became harsh.


So Maggie changed…


… And we moved under the trees for shade.



DSC_8099bw copyDSC_8109autumnpeachglowstreakbw copyDSC_8106webDSC_8113web

And then I asked Maggie to show me some other facial expressions… Wowsa… I just love these. They are fun and happy and everything a senior should be just as she’s leaving for college.


 {Favorite number 3!}


Maggie ~ I enjoyed this sweet summer moring with you, and hope college is everything you’d hoped it would be and more.

Much love.

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DSC_0006pinklifedramacleanhaze copy 2web

Meet Madison.

Though I absolutely love this first picture {she’s stunning, right?}, I have to smile, and if you know Madison in the slightest, I’m sure you are smiling, too… because I’ve never seen her look so serious or straight-faced. She always has a smile on her pretty face… like in these pictures that follow.

DSC_0002pinklifedramahazebw copy 2web

Madison was selected to the 2014 Knoxville Teen Board for her hours of service to civic and welfare projects. She then chose eight friends, and they selected escorts to  be presented with her at a black-tie event in Knoxville.

DSC_9820pinkdramabw copy 2webDSC_9821dramalightpinkbw copy 2web

We met at Market Square to capture images  to commemorate the event.

DSC_9825sunshowersummerleakdramalayr copy 2web

DSC_9845dramaminkpink copy 2web

With her escort and friend.

DSC_9848dramaminkpink copy 2webDSC_9885lightbrightsunshdrama copy 2web

Madison and her brother.

DSC_9886bw copy 2webDSC_9890dramabw copyweb

With their mom.

DSC_9906sunshowerdrama copy 2web

With their dad.

DSC_9907pinkskindrama copy 2web

{a favorite!}

DSC_9914drama copyweb

DSC_9982brightsunnydramapink copy 2web

Madison and her sister mom.

DSC_9925dramapink copy 2webDSC_9926dramapink copy 2web

DSC_0002pinklifedramahaze copywebDSC_9985pinkshowerdrama copyweb

Madison and her dad.


Congratulations, Madison! You were absolutely lovely!


images_0011_Hue_Saturation 16