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It’s funny how things change us.

DSC_2567A person, an experience… a photograph. They bump into us and leave us a little different than we were before.  Even things that seem irrelevant or unimportant, and things we  might might not recognize or even be aware of, can impart upon us some little thing

I think it’s all a path to who we are meant to be.DSC_2566Fragments of memories still stir in me, and I don’t even know if they are real memories, or memories of stories or dreams. And still, I know, it was that thing that caused me to see something differently, to do something differently, or even to do {or act} at all.

DSC_2565I know that I even take pictures differently because of things I have seen or people I have met. Or even because of certain photo sessions… The way a young woman expressed herself or the confidence she demonstrated, or the way a couple or a family interacted with each other, or the perspective from which I captured a revealing shot.

Each experience-even things we read-, if we let it, will lead us to who we were meant to be.


I’m thinking of starting a new series here… Something to stir you and make you think about things differently. Something that bumps into you and mindfully or not, leaves you changed.

This is one of my favorite photographers. I love everything about her and wish like crazy I knew her in real life. She has an award-winning blog {just follow the link} and a worldly view on life and beauty. I hope you grab a cup of coffee {or ice water} and treat yourself to her Tedtalk.

It will change you.

If video doesn’t load, you can see it here::  Resonate


*#lookforthelight, love well, see the connection, beautiful different~Karen Walrond


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