East Tennessee Senior Portrait Photographer :: Bailey


I first met Bailey on my son’s Spanish class trip to Spain in the spring of 2013. {What an amazing trip that was!} We had an amazing tour company and local tour guide show us around Barcelona and Madrid, showing us the history, architecture and culture for which these beautiful cities are known.


While I was lost in that experience, it soon became clear that the students on our trip had several things in common…

Curiosity, for sure, and a sense of adventure.

Other traits, more personal and unique to each student, became clear only as the trip progressed. Some seemed bent on the experience with their classmates, while others seemed to want to observe and explore.  This latter impression was how I saw Bailey.

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You might guess from the picture above that Bailey has a great sense of playfulness and joy, but what I noticed on our trip was a quieter, more observant and mature Bailey.  She seemed easy to get along with and ready to be flexible and easy-going with what other students wanted.

I was delighted when she arrived for her photoshoot with balloons and a clear idea of what she wanted for some of her backdrops… like iron steps, and an urban feel.


She smiled incessantly, like she didn’t know how to not smile.


Which made taking her pictures so easy.


We moved on to a local park for some more casual and fun shots…


… And some classic cap and gown shots.

{Notice the edit difference: while I love the soft focus with a slight haze in most of Bailey’s pictures, the classic, clean look appealed more to me for her cap and gown pictures. As I currently provide for all of my clients, Bailey received a copy of each photo in three edits: clean, artful and black and white, so she could pick which she liked best.}


Congratulations, Bailey, on your achievements and your graduation!

I hope you are always so joyful.

All the best!


images_0011_Hue_Saturation 16


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