East Tennessee Senior Portrait Photographer :: Maggie


I met Maggie at the golf course early one morning when the sun was still somewhat low in the sky. It was a warm summer morning here in East Tennessee, and the grass was still wet with dew.


Maggie had already graduated and was getting ready to leave for college just north of here. We both had had a busy spring and scheduling a session was challenging. This was the last possible moment we had to take pictures before she left… And I am so glad we were able to squeeze this photo shoot in before she began the next stage of her life.


{One of my favorites from that morning!}


I love to capture personality, and one way to do that is photographing a client with something she loves… something she feels defines her.


Maggie loves golf and loves God, and I love how we caught her with both in the picture above. This, also one of my favorites.


The sun soon moved high in the sky; the shadows and glare became harsh.


So Maggie changed…


… And we moved under the trees for shade.



DSC_8099bw copyDSC_8109autumnpeachglowstreakbw copyDSC_8106webDSC_8113web

And then I asked Maggie to show me some other facial expressions… Wowsa… I just love these. They are fun and happy and everything a senior should be just as she’s leaving for college.


 {Favorite number 3!}


Maggie ~ I enjoyed this sweet summer moring with you, and hope college is everything you’d hoped it would be and more.

Much love.

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