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Meet Madison.

Though I absolutely love this first picture {she’s stunning, right?}, I have to smile, and if you know Madison in the slightest, I’m sure you are smiling, too… because I’ve never seen her look so serious or straight-faced. She always has a smile on her pretty face… like in these pictures that follow.

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Madison was selected to the 2014 Knoxville Teen Board for her hours of service to civic and welfare projects. She then chose eight friends, and they selected escorts to  be presented with her at a black-tie event in Knoxville.

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We met at Market Square to capture images  to commemorate the event.

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With her escort and friend.

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Madison and her brother.

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With their mom.

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With their dad.

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{a favorite!}

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Madison and her sister mom.

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Madison and her dad.


Congratulations, Madison! You were absolutely lovely!


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