East Tennessee Family Photographer

east tennessee family photographer

i live in a small town. 

east tennessee family photographer

and when you live in a small town, you are separated by fewer than 6 degrees.

east tennessee family photographeri knew kim from the gym and her daughter graduated high school with my son. they ran in the same circles, so i knew who she was and had even snapped some prom pictures of her when she and my son went to dinner with the same group of friends.

i knew who they were, but i had no idea how much i would enjoy spending this time with them.

littlethis little one.

she was a ball of joyful energy who seemed to motor her family right along.east tennessee family photographer


east tennessee family photographer

east tennessee family photographer


and these boys… so handsome and so willing to try whatever i asked.


thank you, durfey family, for spending a delightful afternoon with me in the park.


images_0011_Hue_Saturation 16

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